My Prior Concern

My Prior Concern is the archive for I Have A Concern and The Onslaught.

The history of the main blog and its movie-based spin-off is contained here and is slowly being put into some kind of order – the main categories will appear in the menu above.

Meanwhile, the brand new, revitalised incarnation of I Have A Concern is currently available by clicking the button below:

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I Have A Concern…

My Concern went through a few different phases in the first three years of its life as a blog.

Blogging is like life – you find out what it’s really all about as you stumble through, adapting to what works…and what doesn’t.

Here you will find an archive of the first four years of I Have A Concern… and the solitary year of the dedicated movie blog that spun off from it, The Onslaught.


For What It’s Worth

Power Rangers Reaches New Viewership Low is a headline I just read. As damning as this information is, it does not surprise me. I’m often asked, as a 34 year-old man, why I’m still so obsessed with this show. I do have an insanely strong emotional connection to it. I’ve always loved the ideas, the design, the …